Jan 4, 2022

God's Happy New Year For You - By Pat Stanton

God is ready to send His Happy New Year letter for 2022. You can download it 24/7. This letter comes straight from His heart, the Holy Bible. He reminds you of His indescribable greatness!

He will tell you that you can renew your thought life which will change your actions. His ways and thoughts are higher and better (Isaiah 55:8,9).

In this New Year, we can reach past the stars right into the throne room of God (Hebrews 4:16). Through prayer and study of the Word, we find in His presence we have His kindness, generosity, boldness, gratefulness, and compassion. As we daily seek His heart, we find the ability to have forbearance, patience, self-control, and to lead a sober life (1 Thessalonians 5:6-8, Romans 15:1-7).

The Lord wants you to know that all of your need is covered in Him. He is already into the New Year. "Your steps formed a highway through the seas and footprints on a pathway no one even knew was there (Psalm 77:19 The Passion Translation). He is one step ahead of you. Get going!