Miracle Reports From Abilene!

Lives changed, burdens lifted, pain gone, bodies healed, renewed commitments to the Lord, new infillings of the Spirit...

A powerful flow of the Spirit occurred in meetings at FountainGate Fellowship in Abilene, Texas. When Pat prayed and spoke of the Lord's love and miracle power, He responded with waves of healing glory over the audience.

One beautiful young lady wrote and said, "When you prayed for me, I felt the power of God and it changed my life. I received healing for the pain in my foot, but so much more. It felt like an explosion inside me. I struggled all of my life just wanting to be loved. Now I know that He loves me!" 

Several weeks after the conference ended, Pat asked her if she is still without pain? "Yes, I am completely healed. Praise God! The pain has not come back. Jesus took it away."

Another lady received instant help for a knee problem. After prayer, she showed the audience her miracle by doing knee squats and bending her knee with no pain! She had this knee problem since elementary school.

A big thank you to Pastor Scott and Kim Beard for hosting the Holy Spirit Conference and providing a place for people to come for healing and renewal.


"And the power of the Lord was present

to heal them" (Luke 5:17b). 

Pat Stanton 

Pat's Biography:


Pat Stanton experienced a dramatic change when she was touched and healed by the power of God on September 9, 1970. As a young wife and mother of three young children, Pat struggled daily with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This disease caused blurred vision, headaches, and weakness. She had to avoid sugar and eat frequent meals throughout the day.

After getting her girls ready for church one Wednesday evening, Pat was so exhausted she didn't know how she could even get herself ready to go. She found herself asking if this was how it was going to be the rest of her life?

Pat started studying specific verses in the Bible concerning healing and found it was God's will to heal. She allowed a person, who believed in healing, to pray for her in a small circle of Christian believers. Pat felt the presence of God touch and heal her! After this powerful encounter with the Spirit of God, she felt a call to take the healing message of the Lord to others.

Pat has taught the Word of God for 52 years and has seen thousands touched and healed by the miracle working power of God! She has shared her message of healing through  television, radio, the Internet, healing services, books, tapes, and CDs. She is the author of the book, "Living in Peace". 

Pat hosted the "Rays of Hope" television program carried nationally by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) as well as programs out of Lubbock and Dallas, Texas. She was one of the first women in the nation to host a Christian program and teach about healing and the amazing life of the Spirit.

Her radio program "The Healing Touch" has been heard in the Caribbean Islands, West Indies, West Africa, South America, and other parts of the world by short wave. Pat's ministry has taken her to many parts of the nation and to Ireland, Israel, and Thailand.

Pat and her husband Jay were married for 62 years. They were active in their local church and held healing services. They spent years helping the poor and supporting international ministry. Jay passed away in June 2019. Pat has three daughters, six grandchildren, and seven great-grandsons.

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