Dec 30, 2009

Walking In the Sonlight - By Pat Stanton

Recently, I was with my family in Mexico...

Recently, I was with my family in Mexico for the wedding of my granddaughter.  After breakfast on the first morning at our hotel, my husband and I stopped for a photo opt near the beautiful pool area.  A lady stopped and asked if we would like for her to snap our picture together.  After this, she said, "I know that you must both be Christians.  I can see this glow of the Lord all over you."  I was quite surprised and thanked the lady from Michigan.

During the holiday season, I have been thinking about the birth of our Savior, the light of the world.  He is called the Dayspring from on high and the Sun of Righteousness.  He came to bring light to those who are in darkness (Luke 1:78,79).

I looked outside this morning into my backyard and noticed that my dog, Lady Bug, was soaking up the sunshine.  We had experienced snow, rain, and cold weather during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and the sunshine was a welcome relief.  I thought about the wonderful warmth of sunshine and the healing benefits from the sun.  I also thought about the great benefits and aid that our walk in the Sonlight of God's love bring.

When you allow yourself to be exposed to the sun, you will have rosy cheeks or even a tanned forehead.  Well, it is the same with our Lord Jesus Christ.  When you take time to sit with Him and to soak in His Presence, you will have His special glow and fragrance covering your life.  Others will also notice that there is Sonlight and life in your countenance.