Jan 2, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Do you need a new dream, purpose, or plan for your life? There is a story in the Bible which gives a great plan for the miraculous:

A young lady, named Mary, received a divine encounter with Gabriel, an angel sent from God. She was told she would have a Son, and would call His name Jesus.

This would happen as the Holy Spirit from God would overshadow her (Luke 1:34-38). Mary responded in three ways we can also use as a guide for our planning and purposes:

1. Give Unconditional Surrender to God

2. Be a Carrier of the Word

3. Believe the Word

Mary heard the astonishing word from God and she said, "I am your servant. Let your word come true in my life."

This young woman did not refuse the surprise word that came, but she surrendered her life to carry a new life. She believed the words of God. As you make your plans for the new year, are you...

1. Filling yourself with the written Word of God so you will be a carrier of life?

2. Believing what God has already spoken in His Word?

God bless you as you allow the power of the Highest to overshadow your life.