Dec 8, 2021

Holiday - By Pat Stanton

I like the word holiday. The word comes from "holy," plus "day" (a holy day).

1. It can be a day set aside for special religious observance

2. A day of freedom from work; especially one in commemoration of an event

3. A vacation

I am glad God loves holidays. He planned the greatest holiday ever. It was "out of this world!" The first holiday plans originated in heaven.

God planned two trips for His Son. The first trip happened in very humble surroundings, a feed trough (open box for livestock feed) for the Savior's baby bed. Our Lord chose to lay down His royal robes for a season and allowed Himself to be wrapped in long strips of cloth (swaddling cloth for infants). A joyful Christmas holiday can be maintained by the lowly in heart (those who will humbly love and serve others).

The second trip Christ will make will be the holiday of all holidays! The Second Coming of Christ will be a time you will never forget. Put it on your calendar! You can make a reservation by placing your trust in the gift of Christ. He is worthy of our celebration and praise.

HAVE YOU RECEIVED THE GIFTI ask you to search your heart. Have you received the gift of eternal life by asking God to forgive your sin and asking Jesus to come into your heart?

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord,” (Romans 6:23).

Pray the prayer below to ask Jesus into your heart. He is the perfect gift just for you!

God, I believe Jesus Christ is your Son. He died on a cross for my sins, and has been raised from the dead. God forgive my sins, wash me in the blood of Jesus.

Jesus, come and live inside of my heart. I believe I am now saved and made new, as I confess you as Lord of my life!