Aug 27, 2021

Is It God's Voice? - By Pat Stanton

1.  Is the voice you are hearing consistent with the Word? God's voice never conflicts with the Word of God.

2.  Does it conflict with human reasoning? Is it reasonable? God's voice isn't necessarily reasonable to the world because the world's system is different. But it is important to be wise in our decisions.

3.  Does it clash with my fleshly desire? God's will or voice does not gratify the flesh, but will gratify the Spirit.

4.  Will this challenge my faith?

5.  Does this call for courage?

6.  Does this cause me to think of the affect on others? Am I concerned about my influence on others, will I be harsh, crude, or careless? I must yield to Him, love others, die to self, and learn to be patient.

7.  When God speaks, He makes me consider future consequences...Satan does not!