The Chriestenson Family


Up with Worship is the international outreach of Lubbock Rays of Hope, directed by Pat's daughter, and Ministry Director, Patti Chriestenson. Up with Worship reaches many people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This ministry has blessed children in orphanages, children's homes, schools, churches, and homes with instruments, books, musical CD's. We encourage children and adults to develop a relationship with God through the means of praise and worship.

Psalm 22:3 indicates God inhabits (lives in) the praises of his people. As we encourage children and adults to enter into worship and praise God, they draw closer to God as He lives within their praises.

It is easy to visualize a fish swimming in water. If a fish is out of water then this action creates a stir from a child. "Hurry, put it back in the water!"

As God's creations we were made to be in His presence. We were created to live and dwell with God. Worship isn't just singing or playing an instrument. Worship is loving God and living in God. It is simply being with God. The next time you see a fish swimming freely, may this scene remind you of your life. Swim, float, be in the presence of God. This is where you belong!