Sep 18, 2018

"But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace” (Psalm 37:11).

 I pray you experience the mighty truth of this verse and know in your heart and life the fulfillment of God’s provision. The Lord states those who are meek, (gentle, humble - saintly) will inherit the land. This word inherit has a powerful life changing meaning. It is to:

 * Occupy (by driving out previous tenants and possession in their place)

* To seize – to cast out – to destroy and disinherit – to take possession

 You can go into the enemy’s camp, seize and take back what’s been stolen. You can only do this if you live a “meek” life and walk in His authority and peace. 

 This peace means:

* To be safe, happy, well; to receive welfare from Him

* Health, prosperity, peace

Sep 2, 2018

1.  Is the voice you're hearing consistent with the Word? God's voice never conflicts with the Word of God.

2.  Does it conflict with human reasoning? Is it reasonable? God's voice isn't necessarily reasonable to the world because the world's system is different.

3.  Does it clash with my fleshly desire? God's will or voice does not gratify the flesh, but will gratify the Spirit.

4.  Will this challenge my faith?

5.  Does this call for courage?

6.  Does this cause me to think of the affect on others? Am I concerned about my influence on others - will I be harsh, crude, or careless? I must yield to Him, love others, carry their burdens at times, die to self, and learn to be patient.

7.  When God speaks, He makes me consider future consequences - Satan does not!

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